The Rowena Reed Kostellow Fund

About Us: The RRK Fund

The Rowena Reed Kostellow Fund was established at Pratt Institute in 1988 to celebrate and communicate the philosophy and expression of one of the most recognized design educators of the 20th century. Rowena was both teacher and student her entire career. She fostered a dialogue with her students that continued long after their formal education.

“Rowena Reed had the unshakable conviction that foundation studies aimed at exploring abstract visual relationships are essential to creating and appreciating art and design. She focused her own attention and considerable gifts on exploring these relationships in the three-dimensional realm.

The Fund’s mission is to continue that dialogue and introduce her ideas to designers not fortunate enough to have had her as their professor, or to have been exposed to her continued teachings in the Industrial Design program at Pratt Institiute. Miss Reed believed that, for designers, beauty and the thoughtful manipulation of form are at the core of their role in the development of products, images or architectural form and space.

The RRK Fund continues Rowena’s teachings through scholarships, publishings and programs. The Fund is governed by a board and an inclusive committee of supporters.